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Episode #56

Episode #56:

What Gariath’s been up to: Read “War Crimes”, and had a fun exchange with Author Christie Golden on Twitter.

Also working on Alts. Got Druid to 70, a decent set of gear for Wuphong (Monk), and farming cloth to make bags (Spahrhawke).

What Fidelma’s up to:

News and other stuff:

221B How to Podcast Panel

By Gariath

This past weekend, I was at 221B Con, a convention that celebrates the various forms of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes. There were panels discussing the original stories, various movies and TV shows, as well as panels about the actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman of the BBC series Sherlock, and about what characters in literature, movies, and television owe to Doyle.

Episode 55: Let it Go!

What Gariath’s been up to: After 60+ tries, got the mount off Houlon. Also, pretty much got everything off the Timeless Isle, except for the stuff you need the Legendary Cloak for. As much as I stink at Hearthstone, I got the mount.

What Fidelma’s up to: Downed Hellscream before Gariath!

News and other stuff:

  • Warlords of Draenor!
    • Pre-Order, and get a character boost to Level 90
    • Digital Deluxe gets you a free pet (and other stuff)

Episode #53: Fidelma, Crazy Cat Lady

What Gariath’s been up to: Got full sets of Barrens gear for both Gariath and Spahrhawke, and one piece of gear for Wuphong before Patch 5.4 dropped. Living in Timeless Isle ever since. Oh, and got Lil’ Bling

What Fidelma’s up to: Now the Crazy Cat Lady!

News and other stuff:

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