Episode #50: The Big Five-Oh!

What Gariath’s been up to: Gariath finished up all the achievements for the Lunar Festival. Now exalted with Tillers.

What Fidelma’s up to: Farming, cooking, fishing... and lots of archeology!

News and other stuff:

  • World of Warcraft Movie has a director.
    • Duncan Jones.... (formerly known as Zowie Bowie) Directed "Source Code"
    • Release date scheduled for 2015
    • Gariath’s going to miss not having Sam Raimi (no Bruce Campbell cameo now)
  • Single player loot scenario in patch 5.2
  • More updated 5.2 patch notes
    • Nat Pagle rep increases
    • Horde and Alliance can do each other’s Scenarios (yay?)
    • New buffs in Raid Finder to compensate for wiping.
      • 5% per wipe, stacks up to ten times
      • Buff clears when Boss is killed.
      • Will it stop /ragequits?
    • Have a PvP title? You can buy “old” gear that requires equivalent title (title coming from doing rated battlegrounds)
  • Why Fidelma loves Archeology - again.  
    • Easier leveling (do it in a day)
      • Can dig up to six times at a site
      • In Pandaria, possible for one of those ancient haunts to pop out dropping even more shards
    • Two dailies in Pandaria
    • LOOT that actually helps - and a couple that are just bag space wasters
    • Why Fi wants an archeology bag

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  • United States
  • Singapore

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Addons: WoWkemon (Soon!)

Quest of the week: Distract Them for Me

Achievement of the week: To Honor One’s Elders

Guild Achievement of the week: United Nations

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